Igor Кaliganov
Institute of Slavic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Liberation from the Turks in the BULGARIAN PERIODICALS


The liberation of Bulgaria from the Turkish yoke in the paper is not confined to the epochal Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1877 years. It is viewed as a long process, during which made repeated attempts to eradicate the Ottoman oppression in the Bulgarian lands. These are four of Russia’s war against the Ottoman Empire in this century and the Bulgarian armed uprisings against the oppressors. In this struggle, the age-old hope for the release of the Bulgarians were replaced by fits of despair and frustration, a belief in Russia as its only liberator, some times increased sharply, then fell to nearly zero, and after another unsuccessful attempt to release causes a feeling of emptiness and bitterness from the new useless ruin of their native land, as result of the Russian-Turkish military clash. Part of Bulgarian intellectuals, educated in Russia, often encountered tough questions about what will happen to the Bulgarians after their liberation by Russia and what they will have to pay for it. Dreams among the most progressive Bulgarian revolutionary leaders of the future Republican device of the liberated country is in conflict with the authoritarian political system, which could impose by Russia as the winner. In their midst appeared the most diverse, sometimes totally unfounded, fears and phobias. Sometimes, these phobias converted in Russophobia even those representatives of the Bulgarian intellectuals, who were traditionally Russophile. Exactly the kind of publications and the emotions of Bulgarian periodicals XIX century are the main focus of the analysis of our finding.